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Sasha Moment 

Writer, Content Creator, Daughter, Sister, Wine Drinker, Friend.

"I guess what got me here was I wanted to

build a creative outlet to be able to casually share with you my own passions, my own thoughts, my own moments that come in all sarcastic, dreamlike but honest ways.

No bells and whistles

This is for my own sanity and for all the other mid-20's 9-5'ers who are still figuring adulting out and in need of a 'It's not just me' convent

Throw in some fashion lusts, mind, body and spirit mantras and you got yourself a new escape read.

These are my sincere words, mild opinions and the average advice a girl can give 

I try not to take life to seriously

but it's bloody hard

This is Sasha Moment. "


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