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Updated: Feb 13

That time of the year is looming again, I seem to be getting more and more UN-enthusiastic about this particular event. My Birthday, the big 27. I have had a real mid-crisis week and I blame it on this, Getting older. I have some friends that have told me 27 was the best year of their life and I really am holding out for the same outlook this time next year. As we now live in a world where over priced bottomless brunches full of smashed avocado and watered down Bellinis are the next best thing and a standard present is something that cost half my monthly wage packet. I am more than looking forward to my annual card from the fam with a note or two falling into my lap (fingers crossed) and a good old Sunday lunch down the pub with some friends.

Now when I purchased that over the top Sequin dress for £9.99 in the #Zara Sale back in January, It took a lot of effort to convince my boyfriend it was definitely going to come in handy for something this year. As in true Sasha #Style a good #glam up and party is usually the route I go down when planning my Birthday turn up, but now as the time is getting close, it seems the sequin number may be a tad over the top for the Pub and I am now on the hunt for something entirely different and it may cost a little more too. Long gone are the days where stumbling in at 6am and continuing the party took place.


The pressure to create amazing memories, choose a #bad and #bougie place and ensure the music is to everyone’s vastly different tastes as well as in everyone’s budget really takes it out of you and what I have come to learn… is unnecessary. The expectation that comes with organising an event weeks in advance for your besties becomes out of hand and nine times out of ten, something that isn’t what you expect and leaves you with sheer disappointment and a chest pain at the amount of money spent in an overcrowded, pretentious bar in Shoreditch. 


This is the year of, I’m going to do what I want to do. I have informed the other half that if this is the year of the surprise trip to Paris or better yet the Maldives then he does need to let the local down the road know as I have booked the table and wouldn’t want to let them down. This is the year of taking it easy and just enjoying myself with little arrangement, little pressure and little care.


#Birthdays are exciting for everyone and full of lovely suprise (apart from the time I arranged a small cake from the restaurant for my boyfriend and if looks could kill I wouldn’t be here writing this today). It is all about us at the end of the day and an opportunity to receive something we don’t want to fork out for ourselves. It means being pampered, showered with love, we are able to eat cake without feeling guilty, and if your anything like myself… drinking prosecco by 11am. Often we are blinded by our own exciting day and plans that we don’t realise to others it is a normal day and paying bills, being tired and working hard to make it out the other side still continues. We have all been there, when we receive the newly created group chat named ‘ Birthday Plans “ with a paragraph long of details, expenses and so forth. It racks us with anxiety and guilt. We all want to please and be there for our loved ones birthdays, and if we could shower everyone we love with the desired presents, our presence and buy that generous round of drinks we would all live happily ever after.. but it just isn’t the case.

 Don't you think Life would be so much easier if we all thought about in advance..


* a. Milestones – If you know that it’s soon to be a milestone birthday and you want to make it something super special for yourself and your friends. Let them friends know your ideas and budget way in advance. This then gives your friends and family time to think it over, look at other engagements and also put some money aside and start saving from an earlier date so it doesn’t seem such a big chunk when the reminder date comes up… There’s nothing better than being told in advance your plans and how much will probably be needed. The earlier you let your people know the more than likely they will ensure they attend and be grateful you have let them know.


* b. No Pressure – Let people know there is absolutely no pressure if they cannot attend no matter who they are. Even if it is your one and only blood sister. There is a good reason they may not be able to attend. We should be understanding of that reason and always let them know that it is no biggie. Not being able to attend, is not the end of a friendship and you are still going to have the same amount of fun!


* c. Stop Doin It for the gram – Can we stop choosing these plush, fancy places because we know the photos for the Gram are going to get us the most likes, better yet can we enjoy the night and stop documenting every 90’s song we know all the lyrics too and upload to our stories. More than likely a Pornstar Martini is well over the acceptable £7.50 and being in a picturesque place with stone cold sober mates is not the memories you want to be creating. It’s drinking a bottle of rose’ on the train, stumbling into places you don’t even know the name of and dancing till you have to take your heels off and your feet look like you have climbed Kilimanjaro barefoot.

I have been all of these people, we all have. Seeing as I am not getting any richer and outgoings are only increasing. Birthday events are becoming more of a ‘think twice’ RSVP rather than the ‘HELL YEAH I’LL BE THERE’ it use to be. Not to mention the age I am at where all of my friend couples (bar myself) are getting married (Hen Parties! Thats't another conversation)

In conclusion, I probably am getting old, and also boring. My god, I feel it. However, I am more than happy this year with a few bottles of Lidl’s finest wines and Amazon Alexa as my personal DJ, sun would be an added bonus and I can guarantee my rather small group of friends will probably thank me for something cheap and cheerful. Oh and I’ll keep you updated if I am boarding the Eurostar come the 22nd April.

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