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rehab, ditching meat & A NEW DECADE.

Updated: Feb 13

An extremely belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2020 has landed, a new decade has jumped out of nowhere and has freaked us all the fuck out. Harry and Megan no longer want to be royals, Piers Morgan unfortunately still has a voice box that we can all loudly see and hear and I gave up meat for no important reason at all (excluding xmas day, Roast Lamb went down the hatch as quick as you can say another drink?)

I recently admitted myself into Sasha Moment rehab and I am feeling fully cleansed. It was basically a moment I decided I needed to take a step back and reassess what the hell I was doing. I all of a sudden realised that I was completely overwhelmed and voluntarily chose to be entangled in a Instagram possessed, content crazy, caption fuelled competition that only I was competing in. My high of Sasha Moment was pressing ‘upload’ and my low was not gaining one follower within one hour no matter how many trendy hashtags I hashed out and the depression after receiving only 25 likes due to risky upload timings.

It came to my attention that I had completely lost the real reason I started this space which was writing and I had become another account striving for visual validation. Being so open about my life and putting my face to my brand was something I really had to throw myself into. I was always a rare Instagram user with a private profile pre Sasha Moment and not many people knew my day to day goings on. However, I knew that if Sasha Moment was something I wanted to succeed with I was going to have to put my anxieties to one side and throw myself out there.

In 2019 I launched my blog, set up a few platforms, gained a small following and made new cyber-friends along the way.I received some beautiful comments and words of encouragement and I am so glad I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone for all to be a part of when I was at my lowest and needed a purpose.

I now have that purpose and I want it to be the best version of the extended part of me that it is. I want to keep Sasha Moment’s vision and my goal always in the back of my mind and continue to pursue that whilst staying sane. I have some fresh ideas for Sasha Moment this year but all in good time, I don’t remember signing up for a race.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the small following I gained in 2019. Please continue with me on this journey and I look forward to sharing with you more writing, more of my passions and of course more Sasha Moment’s.



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